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Unique and Nutritious Vegetarian Recipes Featured in Newly Released Hand-Bag Friendly “A must have...The Maroema Cook Book”

Readers can find a selection of filling and nutritious recipes in the new book “A must have...The Maroema Cook Book” by Mamta Reid of Tokyo’s MAROEMA Vegetarian Catering. “Simply excellent! For those who are afraid to have an all-veg experience, try this food! It is very unique and very tasty. You'll want more!”

(PRWEB) May 6, 2010 -- Individuals looking for unique and filling vegetarian dishes can now find new inspiration with the release of “A must have...The Maroema Cook Book” by Mamta Reid. With a lightweight, compact design “The Maroema Cook Book” can be taken anywhere -- even the grocery store -- and features a selection of healthy and nutritious dishes sure to please vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. The book is available for purchase on

Mamta Reid, Founder of MAROEMA, a high-end Tokyo-based vegetarian catering service, designed the cook book to be easily portable to and from the supermarket. Recognizing that each person has his or her own touch when it comes to cooking, Reid chose to include photographs of each dish’s ingredients, rather than photograph the final dishes themselves. This allows readers of “The Maroema Cook Book” to present food the way they want it to, and to focus on the food’s taste as opposed to its presentation.

Many people have a misconception that vegetarian food is bland and is meant to be eaten as a side dish. “The Maroema Cook Book” is set to prove that just isn’t so -- vegetarian food is two cups of fresh fennel sautéed with aubergine, served with oven roasted potatoes garnished with fresh basil on a bed of butter rice with a touch of nutmeg and a drizzle of fresh lime juice. This and other recipes featured in the book show how easy it really is to prepare a two or three course meal in time, and just how delicious and filling those meals can be.

“I’m a vegetarian of more than 35 years, and having traveled widely, thought that I'd tasted the full range of what is possible with veges. However, Mamta proved to me that there is a whole new level possible with non-meat food and flavors, and I quickly devoured each tasty dish that appeared before me,” says one reviewer.

Based in Tokyo, MAROEMA is a high-end vegetarian catering service that provides unique vegetarian food to individuals, families and corporations. The company uses a variety of ingredients from Japan and around the world to create dishes with a blend of flavors unlike any other meal found in vegetarian restaurants throughout Japan. This unique approach to vegetarian cooking is reflected in Reid’s new cook book.

“Simply excellent! For those who are afraid to have an all-veg experience, try this food! It is very unique and very tasty. You'll want more!” says another reviewer.

To purchase “A must have...The Maroema Cook Book” and to start creating delicious vegetarian dishes, purchase the book online at For more information about MAROEMA and its vegetarian catering services in Tokyo, visit

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(PRWEB) August 9, 2009 -- MAROEMA, a Tokyo-based vegetarian catering service, is pleased to celebrate its second anniversary on August 15. The high-end caterer ( has served unique vegetarian food ( to individuals, families and corporations around Tokyo for the last two years, and its founders look forward to many years of service to come.

MAROEMA offers something different, yet its meals and service are classy, reliable and practical. With MAROEMA, clients can receive complete peace of mind and know that the food guests are eating is unique and delectable. Almost all of the recipes offered by MAROEMA are original and created by the chef specifically for the client following a face-to-face consultation.

MAROEMA uses ingredients from many different counties to create its scrumptious dishes. In addition to utilizing ingredients commonly used in Japanese cooking, ingredients commonly used in other cuisines from around the world are used as well to create dishes with a blend of flavors unlike meals found in vegetarian restaurants throughout Japan.

Though its vegetarian food and meals are unique, MAROEMA's prices are comparable to vegetarian restaurants in Tokyo. MAROEMA clients also have the extra benefit of serving and enjoying their food in the comfort of their own home. In addition to personal and professional events, MAROEMA can also cater a child's birthday party (, complete with a birthday cake.

People who love entertaining and want some variety as well as anyone that dreads the thought of planning meals for a party at home can count on MAROEMA to provide a one-of-a-kind dining experience. Every detail of the party is carefully taken into consideration to enable the person throwing the party to mingle with guests without having to worry about necessities such as food preparation, cleaning and floral and dining arrangements. With MAROEMA's social catering services, guests are served course by course as the food is prepared.

Though it's not easy to find venues or services that cater to Tokyo's foreign community, staff members at MAROEMA's vegetarian catering are fluent in English, making it easy for those who do not speak Japanese to communicate and throw the perfect event.

For more information about MAROEMA or the high-end caterer's vegetarian food menus, visit